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This thick curl cream is like your favourite pair of warm winter pants and is made for a harsh and dry winter climate. Formulated with 30% proteins and 70% moisture kickers for the perfect marriage of strength and moisture!I It als works great for blonde curls all year round as it nourishes and strengthens compromised curls. It will protect your hair from the elements while providing excellent hold.


Who it’s for: Curl Types: 3B curls to 4C coils.

What it does: Strengthens, protects, high hold.

Texture types: fine to coarse and porous.

Works great in: Cold dry temperatures.

Size: 350 ml


Organic & natural ingredients.
Vegan, biodegradable, and septic safe.
Products not for ingestion. Patch test for fragrance allergies.

Free from SLS, sles, paraben, silicone, dye, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Utility Beauty - Winter Curl Cream