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Curl crush hair parties are in season!

Now is a good time to show off those curls! Spend a fun afternoon or evening with your friends & family that's all about curl crushing (kid friendly). Each guest gets their own curly hair assessment sheet. The host receives FREE product ($50.00 value) if sales are over $150.00 and a 10% product discount for guests.

Curly & Natural Hair Consulting Services

Let us transform your curly hair experience!

You will love your hair! We can help transform you or your child's curly hair experience from frustration and pain, to fun wash days. Don’t be a “product junkie”. You can book a DEMO and try quality hair products that actually work, saving you time and money. With the right beauty items like de-tangler brushes and satin sleep caps, you can help your gorgeous curls reach their potential. Book now!



Curly Hair Help

Naturalistas Meet Ups

Check out the 1st Natural Hair Event in Winnipeg

NGC 2017 Models D_O_F.png

Curly Hair Events

Watch our NGC hair show!

The Naturally Gorgeous Curls Event featuring various guest speakers was the 1st natural hair meet-up in Winnipeg! We believe in combining a three-pronged approach of: on-going education, support, and quality products for people rocking their natural curls.