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Curl Crush Hair Parties

Curl Crush Hair Parties are always in season!

It's always the right season to show off those curls! Spend a fun afternoon or evening with your friends that's all about curl crushing (kid friendly). Each guest gets their own curly hair assessment sheet.

The party prep details

What we prepare for you:

  • Curl Crush Hair Party email invitation sent to your guests

  • PowerPoint Presentation on Curly Hair

  • Audiovisual equipment

  • Mirrors and towels

  • A variety of DEMO Product samples

  • *Option to try hair DEMO products

What you need prepare:

  • You provide the location

  • A flat screen T.V. for PowerPoint presentation

  • Invite your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues

  • Provide refreshments for guests and,

  • Reserve an area for displaying the products.

What do you get?

The host receives FREE product ($50.00 value) if sales are over $150.00! Also, 10% discount on the product for guests. Mobile service, so products are available for purchase at the party. We provide scientifically proven information about what your curly hair needs to thrive. Minimum of five people required for a party (plus host).

3 Blk Women Hairstyles .png

The best party planning tips: 

Party Duration

Most Curl Crush Hair Parties typically last for 2 1/2 hours (depending on the size of the party, when your guests arrive and questions). Please plan to start the party PROMPTLY at the scheduled time and expect the party to end in around 2 1/2 -hours. Please ask your curl friends to arrive 15-30 minutes BEFORE to the actual scheduled start time of your party.

*DEMO Products

Please ONLY wash and condition yours and / or your child's hair if you decide to try the product samples. Having oils, butters, gels, etc. in the hair will prevent the natural hair products from performing optimally.


Notification of cancellation must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to the booked party date. Currently, Curl Crush Hair Parties are limited to within the City of Winnipeg. We apologize in advance if you're outside our current service area.

Let's have a hair party!

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