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Equipped with amazing slip, this conditioner makes detangling effortless. It is designed to balance porosity levels and optimize absorption so your curls will never go thirsty again. Say hello to curls that feel more hydrated, nourished, and softer than ever before!


This rich deep conditioner is specially formulated to meet every curly hair need. Baobab protein restores the entire hair shaft, while ginseng stimulates blood circulation in the scalp (an absolute must for hair growth). Rose de Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant, hydrates each hair strand to its core and promotes long-lasting moisture retention. 


Size: 236 ml

Inhairitance - Unconditional Love - Deep Conditioner


Section your curly crown and apply an adequate amount to cover the entire section. Apply from roots to ends, carefully finger-detangling each section. If needed, finish the detangling process with a wide tooth detangling brush, making sure to smooth down cuticles. Repeat and continue with all hair sections.

For thick and extra thirsty curls: Leave deep conditioner in hair and continue with your butter or styling products.

For fine and easily weighed-down hair: Rinse deep conditioner thoroughly and continue with leave-in conditioner and/or styling product.