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The Curly Hair Designs Leave-In Coconut Milk Conditioner Spray is the versatile leave-in you’ll love! It’s formulated with the finest natural ingredients to keep hair resilient and bring dry, damaged hair back to a healthy state. It's infused with natural emollients that moisturize, detangle and condition, while gently hydrating your hair from root to tip. Helps stop breakage while nourishing and strengthening dry, damaged and overworked hair. Leaves hair manageable, easy-to-comb, with a soft, radiant sheen.


  • It’s packed with natural oils like carrot oil, avocado oil, olive oil and castor oil to nourish and moisturize the hair
  • Lightly conditions and softens curls while adding a nice sheen
  • Great conditioning spray adds a moisture boost to protective styles like braids, twists, wigs, and weaves
  • Aloe vera juice helps to smooth and heal dry damaged hair
  • It can be used as a heat protectant spray for blow-drying
  • Spray is light enough to use daily to refresh your style


Hair Type

This product is a light leave-in conditioner spray that’s suitable for all hair types and textures. This leave-in conditioner is also a perfect braid spray to use after washing your hair to add moisture without distrubing your protective styles. Can also be used for corn-rows under wigs and weaves. 


Pro-Stylist Tip: *Always use a leave-in conditioner and then a quality cream or hair butter to ensure hair is moisturized before installing a protective style.


Curly Hair Designs – Leave-In Coconut Milk Conditioner Spray