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Trailblazers – The Rise Of Black Women C.E.O’s In Canada

The Orginal Naturalista

Black women entrepreneurs are paving the way across Canada from big tech start ups to hair and beauty products. Shondell Babb, the C.E.O of Naturally Gorgeous Curls has been one of the trailblazers finding ways to succeed in a multi billion dollar cosmetics industry.

Thiah Management, the parent company of Naturally Gorgeous Curls specializes in providing all natural hair and beauty products for the natural black hair.

“I have been part of the global, Natural Hair Movement since 2004. But, living in Winnipeg, MB, I struggled to find the right hair products as there were no options for managing and styling Black, super coily, natural hair at the time. I decided back then I was done with the ‘creamy crack’ (relaxer) when I found out how harmful it was to my body. Online shopping wasn’t as advanced as it is now, so I spent $100’s of dollars trying to care for my hair with mediocre results. I gave up and chose to wear protective styles of braids and twists for years”. Said Shondell Babb

The lack of products coupled with a genuine desire to help others facing similar issues, prompted the the young C.E.O go into business for herself. Naturally Gorgeous Curls today celebrated their third year of operation with a huge “Thank You” banner draped all over their website.

The company not only offers hair and beauty products, they offer piece of mind knowing that all products sold on the the company’s website were personal used and tested by the company’s C.E.O.

“I have the best clients in the world, and I would never do anything to lose their trust. That’s why it’s important we only source products that are all natural and made from the highest quality ingredients.” Said Shondell

Shondell is also a Certified, Naturally Curly Hair Consultant since 2018, which adds another layer of credibility to her business

The challenges she had managing her own natural curly hair, gives her a great understand what her clients and their children are going through. Shondell is passionate about helping women, men and children of all ethnicities and hair types that have waves, curls, kinks and coils to embrace their natural hair.

In 2017, the company hosted its first Naturally Gorgeous Curl hair event in Winnipeg that brings professional, quality and classy natural hair meet up for all hairstylists, naturalistas, naturalisters, parents, barbers and curls from around the world.

The event was only meant to be a one off thing, but the response has been so overwhelming, it prompted the C.E.O to hold the Naturally Gorgeous Curl hair event annually.

The Naturally Gorgeous Curls is built on being a trusted “go-to” brand for the natural hair community’s products, education and support. The brand is inclusive and remains committed to its roots, Naturally, Gorgeous and Curly.

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