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Naturally Gorgeous Curls supports quality Canadian hair products

When you shop here, you're supporting local Canadian Black Businesses.

Naturally Gorgeous Curls introduced quality Canadian hair product brands like Mello Hair, Earthtones Naturals and Curly Hair Designs to the local Winnipeg, Manitoba markets in 2017 and 2018. These brands were tested and carefully selected because they are created from plant-based ingredients or are certified organic brands. Any other ingredients function to help the products work effectively and are non-toxic. And yes, all these quality brands are made and manufactured in Canada. And most importantly: they were all created for textured hair!

Instead of being filled with cheap chemicals-these brands are filled with quality ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp. It's time to start reading hair product ingredients to ensure they're safe for you and your family, especially in the long term.

We believe in a four-pronged approach to successfully managing curly hair: education, effective products, support, and patience. Learning to manage textured hair is a journey that can be end up with you or your child loving their hair! This blog's purpose is to provide textured hair information, education, support and great products that actually work. Find out more about these great brands below:

Earthtones Naturals was created by Canadian Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Trichologist, Dr. Susan Walker. Each quality ingredient is carefully chosen because of its unique properties of nourishing the hair and scalp, while improving the moisture-protein balance. All formulations have been fully tested to ensure low allergenicity and effectiveness. So, the products are gentle and safe enough for kids, since they're made with over 80% natural ingredients.

Mello Hair was created by Jamaican-Canadian female entrepreneur, Christiana Willis. Mello Hair formulates innovative hair care products using natural ingredients. Key ingredients like Shea Butter penetrate the hair root and scalp, promoting stronger, longer and healthier hair. When choosing product ingredients, their origins are considered, along with sustainability, safety, effectiveness and their impact on the environment. All the ingredients used in their products are either Eco-certified or NPA certified.

Curly Hair Designs is the premiere go-to curly hair salon in Ottawa. Curly Hair Designs is owned and operated by Red-Seal Certified, Master Curl Specialist, Paula Whitelocke. Curly Hair Designs Leave-In Coconut Milk Conditioner was created by Jamaican-Canadian stylist, Paula Whitelocke for natural hair enthusiasts and hair professionals. The leave-in conditioner is formulated with the finest natural ingredients carefully chosen to keep hair resilient and bring dry, damaged hair back to a healthy state.

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